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Homme Fatale

I was walking down a large dirty avenue, wearing a white lace skater dress. The light was sickly grey, and the traffic rushed past, stirring up dust. I came across a white washed family house that stood on the side of the road. It turned out to be a coffee shop. I walked in and looked around: it had a hip atmosphere with warm light shinning over wooden tables, and shelves full of books that lined the walls. On the […]

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Runaway Bride

I had this dream today. I was in this big old villa, because I had to get married. There were all these unfamiliar people and in-laws, who I couldn’t recognize. They took me to a changing room, and gave me a choice of the things I could wear. I tried a few of them, and they were all uncomfortable: there were transparent shirts, and colorful tunics and none of them were “me”, none felt right. Finally, they gave me a […]

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R.I.P. Malish

My beloved siberian hamster has passed away today :'( Poor baby has been slipping away in my hands, so weak and so frail. Wish I could do something to save you or give you a peaceful death. Now you are laying in the cold earth and I can’t belive you are gone forever. You are gonna be missed so much, Malish. Rest in peace. LOVE YOU :'(:'( <3<3<3

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