About me

Hello World!

Welcome into my universe of passion, speed and thrill! This is what I’m all about: dark adventures, psychedelic trance, killer heels, sensual seduction, sexy sport cars, fast motorbikes and drinking champagne on an empty parking lot at 3 AM.

I’m creative, fun and spontaneous; flirty, reckless and wild. I live for freedom,ย art, and true love, and I hate being bored. I love feeling and experiencing everything that is bewitching, antagonistic and unconventional, liberating and enigmatic, mysterious and apocalyptically romantic. I love adrenaline rush and I love serenity, and I welcome all the other mind expanding experiences, all the things that inspire my art, all that brings me closer to catching the uncatchable utopian dream and being the Red Blooded Woman. There is only one “the one”, and that is me, RBW.


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