A memoir about a life changing encounter

I was only 18 when I first met him – 31-year old Kaezar Belizaroff, my devilishly attractive driving instructor.

High heels and platinum hair, lips like candy, popularity in high school and a six years older Muslim thug of a boyfriend: that’s what my life was like when I met Kaezar.

He lived life on the edge – ticking off police, I did too – flirting with my violent boyfriend’s brother. But life wasn’t all fun and games. I had just moved back from Ukraine to Denmark on my own, juggled school, work and other adult responsibilities, while struggling to find my place in the world.

Kaezar was there all along – first sharing my nostalgia, then teaching me how to drive 127 mph on an empty highway. But what was his real driving goal?

Sparks flew between us as we burned up the roads. Smittened by his mystique, I was heading for danger. By the time I realized this, I already blew past the off ramp…

ISBN: 978-87-995773-4-7