I am the Red Blooded Woman: Lord of Darkness

“A memoir about a life changing encounter…„

I was just 18 when I first met him – 31-year old Kaezar Belizaroff, my diabolically attractive driving teacher.

High heels and platinum hair, lips like candy, popular in high school and with a six years older Muslim thug of a boyfriend – that’s what my life was like before I met Kaezar. He was from Donetsk, a town I frequently visited when I was a child. Our memories of the former Soviet Union sparked an instant connection between us.

He lived life on the edge – ticking off police, I did too – flirting with my violent boyfriend’s brother. But life wasn’t all fun and games, even for a beauty like me. I had just moved back from Ukraine to Denmark on my own, juggled school, work and other adult responsibilities, whilst struggling to find my identity and my place in the world.

Kaezar was there all along – first sharing my nostalgia, then teaching me how to drive 127 mph on an empty highway.

But it wasn’t just our common love for fast driving that brought us closer. A driver with a mind as cunning as it was dark, Kaezar was everything I wanted to be: independent, wild, and anarchic. He was a forbidden fruit that was impossible to resist. We both knew that rules were meant to be broken. Lured into a dangerously passionate game, I ended up in the arms of the one, who would ultimately destroy me – the one who would forever remain my Lord of Darkness…

379 pages
ISBN: 978-87-995773-1-6

I am the Red Blooded Woman: Lord of Darkness