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“File:Podstakannik mit Gold.JPG”by Maiakinfo is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The soulful tea of the railroad

“File:Podstakannik mit Gold.JPG”by Maiakinfo is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 One of my Google Plus friends reminded me of this wonderful part of my past – having tea with sugar cubes in Russian overnight trains. For some reason tea there tasted much better than at home. This is how it feels like: Outside the blurry window, you see the wilderness of Eurasia -birch woods interchange the dark coniferous forests, as the train flies past old villages, overgrown cemeteries, making a […]

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My ancestors and I

Last year I discovered, to my amazement, that I come from a noble family with a family tree which runs back to 15th century. My grandmother from my biological father’s side came from a noble family of Von Hildenbrandt. They were from Saxony, owed a large estate with servants and maids, and held prominent positions such as generals and a state advisors. My grandfather from my father’s side came from Northern Caucasus and Russian far east, from a line of […]

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