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COVID-19: My story

This is me, while sick with Covid-19. Please note the tissue sticking out of my left pocket, lol. Yes, I know, I don’t appear particularly ill, even my family mentioned that, but as we know, looks can be deceiving [Spoiler Alert: I’ve had it already.] It was not a battle, but a slow burn. So how did the whole thing develop? It was the beginning of March 2020. I had been out and about: visiting malls, libraries, taking public transport, […]

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Book out now!

After 5 years of hard work and endless hours of writing, rewriting and going a little crazy, I am proud to announce that I finally published my first book! Despite doubts, fears, blood, sweat and tears, I made it through. As John Wayne said, courage is not the absence of fear, but saddling up anyway. Check out my work on Amazon, it’s available worldwide. You can read the first 6 chapters in the kindle version to see if it’s something […]

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