My new cute lil hammy <3

Few weeks ago I got a present for my friend, a cute, copper yellow, syrian hamster, which was a couple weeks old. I got him from a breeder, which had around 20 of those small lil animals in a tiny box where they were crawling on top of each other. Since I wasnt really planning to get him that day, I wasnt prepared, I had no cage or anything to carry him in… So the lady gave me an icecream box, which I put him in. Thats how we rolled home. Thats why I named him Tortik, which in russian stands for cake.. He’s adorable. And now I have two roddents: a hammy and a guinea pig. I only need to add a bunny, a chinchilla, a degu, a rat, a mouse and a squirell to complete my collection. Lol


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Romantically Apocalyptic Winter

Winter is not just dark nights and cold days. Nor is it a just a cozy time spending with relatives. For me winter is associated with silence and peace, the type of silence of the mind and of the emotions one experiences standing on the white, covered in snow field, which stretches out into infinity. The sun is high, the sky is blue, the snow diamonds are glittering and shinning in cold, still air. The spruce trees are transformed into magical, unrecognizable objects of imagination. As time stands still, the nature seems frozen, wild and forgotten – this vision of timelessness brings ultimate peace upon the contemplator. Past, future: none of that exists – all is buried under the white, purifying, glowing particles of water, that are formed in the shape of star of David. The desolate, empty landscape of sharp, whiteout light is providing a space for unity between man and nature. Witnessing this kind of winter is a fantastic, grand experience of freedom and liberation of the mind from the daily, hectic, often meaningless activities. I could roam these spaces endlessly, feeling in sync with the universe around. Here are some nostalgic images of Russian spacious, continental winter.

Focus and feel the lack of limitations: 


Такая долгая зима by Олег Семененко
Такая долгая зима by Олег Семененко
Picture taken from Kizhi Museum (

frozen car

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Creamy potato-broccoli soup with crispy bacon

Here is a recipe for a tasty creamy potato soup with crispy bacon and broccoli (4 servings):

Creamy potato soup with broccoli and crispy bacon

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Tardigrades – aliens among us

Waterbears are incredible, yet strange creatures. Most people don’t know anything about the excistance of tiny little bear look-alikes, who live in moss cushions, grass, under water and in solid ice and are lesser then a 1 mm in size. Tardigrades come in different bright colors, orange, red, green and are equipped with eight leggs, and two knife-like teeth, which they use for stabbing the plant and sucking the juices out. These little animals are the hardiest animals on earth and can be found anywhere around the globle. They withstand the pressures of vaccuum, they can survive in absolute zero and boiling water, they were even sent into open space, in a TARDIS programme (tardigrades in space), where they survived full ten days, before safely returning to the ground.

The secret of tardigrades lies in their amazing ability to hibernate – when they sense that the environment becomes unfriendly, they transform into a little ball, which – like a self sufficient microsystem – withstands the agressive environments, radiation and other harsh conditions. All they need is just a tiny drop of water to come back to life. Some believe that tardigrades were the first to colonize the planet Earth, due to their extreme survival skills, they could have possibly travelled to us on an asteroid from outter space. In theory tardigrades could be able to live forever and despite their discovery back in the 18th century, these little animals go unnoticed in most biology books. Puzzled? Check out this interesting link if you want to know more

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Salty chilli-pumpkin soup

Rejoice ye all! It’s a season of pumpkins, mushrooms and delicious soups. I came up with my own pumpkin soup recipe, which is not sweet, like the majority of the pumpkin soup recipes 🙂 All experimentation went well, except for a lol accident, when my blender exploded the hot bullion all over me and the kitchen…. :S Don’t ever blend hot liquids in a tiny blender! Nevertheless here it is, against all odds, salty chilli pumpkin soup:)

Salty chilli-pumpkin soup

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