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COVID-19: My story

This is me, while sick with corona. I know, I dont look sick! even my family said that, when they saw this pic but looks can be deceiving. also, wtf is going on with my forehead, it is not that big in real life. thank you tiny iphone camera It was not a battle, but a slow burn. It was the beginning of march 2020. I had been out and about: visiting malls, libraries, taking public transport, training in the […]

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The Assault

Digital art by LordHayabusa357 “It gets Harder from Here on Out” http://fav.me/d7bk6mw I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was a part of an elite military unit. We were in a city paved with yellow cobblestone, the sort you might find somewhere south, perhaps in Spain or Portugal. The air was dry. The narrow, empty streets were drenched in golden sunlight. Our unit was dispatched to fulfill a misson. We were making our way uphill on foot. When we […]

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