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Reasons to write

I found my old essay, called “One day in the life of Daria.” Our English class assignment was based on the work of Solzhenitsyn’s, “One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich.” My teacher wrote: “you could write a novella one day.” Never did I think that it would happen, but fast forward 10 years and I wrote a book. Looking back, I never really liked school writing. I liked reading, but my English class teachers were always the rigid […]

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Dare to follow your dreams

    I remember when I got this post free card, I was about 12, but already firmly set on the idea that my dreams would come true. I used to look at it and think, this is what I would want my life to be like: surreal, rich with experiences, creative. I wanted to live multiple life times in one. I wanted to create a life of my dreams. And then, as if often goes, life has gotten into […]

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