Salty chilli-pumpkin soup

Rejoice ye all! It’s a season of pumpkins, mushrooms and delicious soups. I came up with my own pumpkin soup recipe, which is not sweet, like the majority of the pumpkin soup recipes 🙂 All experimentation went well, except for a lol accident, when my blender exploded the hot bullion all over me and the kitchen…. :S Don’t ever blend hot liquids in a tiny blender! Nevertheless here it is, against all odds, salty chilli pumpkin soup:)

Salty chilli-pumpkin soup

For 2 people (4 servings) you will need:
-2 big carrots
-2 onions
-1 leek (without the green top)
-4 potatoes
-1/2 of a celery root
-1/2 of hokkaido pumpkin
-1-2 tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste
-3-4 cubes of beef bullion cubes (if you dont have fresh broth)
-few spoons of 38% cream
-chilli spices
-2 table spoons of vinegar

Peel the vegies and cut celerie root, leeks and carrots in half. Boil the carrots, onions, leek, potatoes together for around an hour in an apx. 4 liter pot. Add the beef cubes and stir and take out the celery root and carrots. (If you wish you can put a tiny bit of cellery root and carrot back into the pot, but not too much or it will make the taste too sweet and strong). Peel the pumpkin, cut out the middle part (dont throw out the seeds, you can clean them and fry them on the pan later with some salt, it will make a nice snack!), and chop it in blocks. Fry the blocks on a pan untill they are golden in color and throw them to boil with the rest of the boullion.
When all vegies are soft add spices, vinegar, tomatoe paste and cream and mash it all together to make a nice, smooth, creamy mixture. (Now, I dont yet posses one of those mashing tools, and blending a hot mixture in an ice blender turned out to make a nice explosive).
Let it sit on low heat for few minutes. Taste it and see if any salt is needed. Serve with thyme leaves. Bon appetit!

Hokkaido pumpkin

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