Infected Mushroom – Killing Joke Radiohead

Absolutely one of my favorite tracks of Infected Mushoom, dark, magnetic, enchanting, and soo calm. This reminds me of the rain, velvet nights, trafic and flashes of car lights on a road near by, moisture in the air, fog, mist, raindrops on the windows, long neverending hours of solitude, staring into the atmosphere in a state of a dream. Complete trancelation…

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Sredi Mirov

Среди миров, в мерцании светил

Одной Звезды я повторяю имя…

Не потому, чтоб я Ее любил,

А потому, что я томлюсь с другими.

И если мне сомненье тяжело,

Я у Нее одной ищу ответа,

Не потому, что от Нее светло,

А потому, что с Ней не надо света.

  Иннокентий Анненский, 1909

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A walk in Roskilde

Took a walk in Roskilde today, same strange feeling as before, the empty big roads, occasional cars.. makes me wanna drive somewhere, alone, into the blue. Used to imagine myself getting lost in the autobahns, the German highways with no speed limit, somewhere in middle of nowhere, by the woods, the fields, the bright street lights, calling me somewhere, where there is no beginning and no end, no people, no life, just the speed, the freedom, the silence, the never ending movement towards the feeling and destination unknown…
A Walk in Roskilde

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Stalkers World

I was watching “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky the other day…

such a great psychedelic movie. originally written by the Strugatsky brothers, it has the so called “Zone” which is a rural area with ruins of old buildings, cars and other obejcts and where the rules of normal physics no longer apply. Such a strange atmosphere of decay, death and desertion, it has the similarity to modern day Chernobyl.

A great site of the similar name – stalkers world – specializes on exploring the deserted ghost towns and buildings

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Danish Summer

What a sad, depressing weather we got here… Makes me wanna listen to:

and get a little more delirious. Danish summer kills all my nerve cells.

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