Overpopulation – apocalypse tomorrow?


How many of you have actually thought about this topic lately? I bet not many. To be honest, the only reason I even stumbled upon it, was due to a friend who mentioned it, and after I researched a bit about it, I was terrified of HOW serious this issue really is. A fact is a fact – the world IS allready overpopulated. We are 7 billion at the moment, but will be almost 10 in just 38 years – that is, we are spreading in exponential growth. Yet earth is not infinite, there is a limit on how many people it can sustain and feed. Unfortunately, there is no awareness and no goverment policies at this point to stop us humans, from spreading like a virus. People believe that it’s their right to have as many babies as they want, not thinking where they are bringing that life into! The religion, traditions and belief’s that one HAS to have babies are not helping either. Just think about it, each SECOND at least 4 humans get born, but only 2 die. That is an insane number, concidering that at some point we will be waaay too many. We are talking in the next two generations time. What will happen when we will be too many? Remember what happens to mice, when they invade some yummy field..they multiply, thrive and eventually die of hunger. So the nature has it’s way to bringing everything back into balance. Except when we are gonna experience a similar scenario, it won’t just be a balance kind of thing, but a catastrophe for the humanity. Perhaps even a mass death of billions of people.

Unfortunatly ,not many people care about responsibility they have towards others in this world. I can imagine what kind of outrage a ban on having more than one child will spark in a society. I really really HATE the backward attitudes people have towards having children. It is almost considered a blasphemy NOT to have one. People do it simply for their own selfish needs – to play mommy and daddy, not thinking of the consequences for the whole world. There is alot of pressue in particular on women, especially in eastern countries, where having a baby is womans mission on earth and her biggest value. I have seen this attitude come from my own eastern girlfriends, who all had babies by the age of 23. I even heard my own family member utter that abortion is a sin and that her friend – a successful lady without children – is a shallow, selfish woman, because she doesn’t have kids and she only wants to spend time on herself. My other family member would have exact same kind of views and would point out that her old friend too had no children and therefore died lonely and with no family around. These stereotypes are just absurd! First of all, what is wrong with living the way you want to and doing things for yourself? Second of all, saying that you get kids just to be taken care of is kind of a selfish statement in itself. I myself has been bombarded with annoying questions on when I will have a baby, to which I reply with a rude expression: “Never!”. Can everyone please stop looking at me like my greatest asset is my child bearing organ? Sigh.

Even more annoying though, is the attitude of many families with children, who arrogantly belive that they are so much better then everyboy else, that they are entitled to things (inc. having more babies) and that those without kids are someone to look down at. Jesus freaking christ people. You are not the only ones who can procreate!

Anyhow, the logical conclusion is – we are FUCKED. ¬†Literally. With this babyboom in society, the lack of policies on this matter and the lack of social awareness we are doomed to have a real apocalypse one day in this comming century. The outcome seems inevitable. It has been proven that the effects of human overpopulation will be devastating and they allready are. Take polution and global warming. Multiplying in endless numbers will mean we won’t have enough food, water, gas, housing and life quality for us al and what will happen then? Lawlessness, crime, warfare, starvation, canibalism and finally survival of the fittest. I see a real life “Resident Evil” movie. Do your math and think extra hard before putting another human into this world, would you want him/her to live/die in such mass-extinction conditions in the future?

I wish this wasn’t true and I really hope that all I have written here is just paranoia. You are free to believe what you wish, but if we won’t do something about this NOW then it will be too late.

If you catch yourself going into disbelief or panic mode, here are some usefull links to concider investigating:  http://www.lucidpages.com/doom.html



World Population counter which displays in Real Time.

A different view at overpopulation:


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