On a run in a ghost town of Roskilde

I had a very strange adventure yesterday. Me and Klaus Møllnitz were taking a walk in the evening on the cozy residential area in Roskilde, by the harbour. The area was quiet and deserted and we reached a dark path, which led into an alley of trees. We walked a bit further down and discovered a completely deserted, half destroyed house, which we examined from outside, walking into the garden and a terrace, which stood open. We were yet to be surprised, when we later discovered that the whole area around it was a ghost town – another few villas, garages and buildings stood completely empty and desolate, the area was overgrown with vegetation, dark and creepy. There was something very uncomfortable about this place, but as the true adventurers, we did exactly what everyone knows they shouldn’t do – went further into the darkness, to explore the unknown.

The centerpiece of this scary ghost town was a huge brick building from 1907, a forsaken school, with visibly distorted rotten roof, broken windows and gloomy look. We found a ladder going up to the roof, on the side of the building, and looking at each other with the twinkle in our eyes, we climbed up on top of it, on the 3rd floor. The view from it was fantastic, but the feeling of disturbance continued to haunt us as we stood up on a huge rooftop, next to a “dome” of the building, where many red tiles lay scattered. “Klausie, can you take the pics faster, so we can make a move from here, God knows what kind of creeps this place attracts,” I said, encouraging my partner in crime to hurry up. As I stood there waiting for him to finish his photo shoot session, I could suddenly hear clear footsteps on the gravel, below. I froze and putting my finger to my mouth, told Klaus to keep quiet.

The footsteps approached closer and my heart skipped a beat. Who the hell would be walking around here at this time? It was getting darker, as the sun was setting down somewhere behind the sea on the horizon. I peeped out from the wall, and noticed a male figure, dressed in something white. I was praying to God, that he wasn’t from the authorities, I didn’t want any trouble with the law. All this went through my head in a split of a second, as I winked to my comrade to duck. We listened attentively to the footsteps that were now right below us.  This was like a typical moment from a Hollywood horror movie, where two teenagers crawl up on some weird building to get massacred by some psycho rapist later. We would always frown watching these story-lines laughing at how unrealistic they are…. Somehow, the footsteps dissapeared in the night, and with a beating heart, we stormed down the stairways and away from this scary area.

The next day we returned. LOL. Of course. Another hollywood cliche. Who would be this stupid? This time we were armed with a Nikon 5100 camera and a mini Surefire flashlight, which apparently could be used for selfdeffense, according to my war veteran Klausie. I kind of looked at him sceptically, as we crawled on top of that roof, again. We had to get the pictures right after all! The previous ones were unfortunately of very bad quality, due to a crappy cell phone camera.

Anyhow, we were very surprised to see, that the roof top, which was previously full of broken tiles, was cleaned. The holes in the dome/roof were now fixed. We were standing speeachless wondering who would clean this strange rotten building and for what purpose. After we walked down again, we took a little walk around the school, finding few other deserted buildings, some older, some newer, with dark doors and windows that seemed to lead into nowhere. The area was very gloomy and dark, and we hurried back into the car and safety, speeding away from the strange place we discovered by an accident.

Here are few pictures that we took from these eventful nights. Hope you enjoy.

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