Krokodil Drug, Oksana Makar and human cruelty

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It’s trully disturbing what levels of degeneration the humanity can reach sometimes. There are some very depressive things I have read lately online and the first one I want to mention is the new, so called krokodil flesh eating drug. I found an article about it after a friend told me a horror story about drug addicts who start rotting alive with flesh hanging from their bones and other NSFW stuff. It was trully shocking to see the graphic photos which clearly show the devastating effects of it on people and even harder to imagine that in Russia alone over 2 mio of people are heroin addicts and are doomed to live horrible, short, meaningless life, with little to no happiness, hooked on such a strong substance, that they are willing to rot alive, for a short moment of pleasure and escapism.

Here you can see some photos of what happens to people with addiction to desomorphine. BEWARE THIS IS EXTREMLY GRAPHIC NSFW CONTENT!!!

I have personally known a drug addict myself, a 35 year old man who has been on drugs for over 20 years, and who has tried everything from meth, acid, lsd and mescaline, to crack and heroin. I can say that in that short time I have known this in fact very pleasant and generous, yet sick person, I have experienced all the gross reality of being in that enviorment, the addicts have to face every day- it’s a sad, horrible and repulsive reality to live in, a life full of crime, jails, rehabs, lies, loss of interest in anything besides the quick fix and excistance in dirty, cold, public toilets with yellow flickering lights and soapless sinks.

Futhermore, that was not the first time I came in contact with a drug addict. The problem is so severe in Russia that every other person seems to be affected by it. One of my girlfriends dated a pusher who has been on cocain for most of his life. One of my relatives in Russia has passed away after an over doze of heroin addiction, my own grandparents have experimentet with phenozepam and vodka mixtures at a point, making them unadequate and hallucinating and a family friend has died from certain prescription pills with morphine, which he also mixed with vodka. They ate up his brain and this otherwise quiet and frail person ended up in a mental hospital where he needed four people to  restrain him. He died shortly after. My girlfriend had a similar story, her parents died from alchohol abuse, and her sister, who was a well-read, intelligent girl, got hooked on drugs by a pusher boyfriend. She ended up stealing and going to jail for that, contacting hepatitis and tuberculosis in there and remaining sick for life. My otherfriends companion was killed by a couple of desperat for money addicts, virtually for 50$. When I think about all these people, I realize how much more serious and global the problem has become. And here I’m only talking about the hard drugs, not the “everyday” ones like marihuanna, which half of my neighbours and high school was hooked on.

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Yet it’s not only the new perversions of the drug world that are distrubing, it’s the human reaction to it. Unfortunately, most of the population of the world has forgotten the word “compassion”. The comments I have seen on the net are way nastier then the images of flesh necrosis. Things like “it’s their own fault” or “they deserve it” shocked me with the coldness, cruelty and lack of empathy we should be able to posses as normal healty individuals. The fact that the individual who doesn’t posses sympathy or emotions towards others is concidered a sociopath/psychopath only makes me wonder if ‘Im actually living in a world of psychos.

Worser even is the fact that some people seem to trully believe that caring and feeling sorry for someone is measuarble in grams and can only be used in moderation. I have witnessed people in Russia become so hardened and ignorant over the sad realites of Russian life – homeless children, dogs and old people – that no thing seems to penetrate their careless outter shell. The belief that being compassionate is ruining one self with useless (!) sadness is in fact much more traumatizing and harming for human psyche then a reaction of pain and sadness for someone elses sake. When an individial learns NOТ to care, as a self defense reaction, he/she also learns to accept all the cruelties and horrors of the world. This is merely a step away from actually starting to feel empowered by carelessness – starting to enjoying the suffering of others, and learning to harm others yourself.

It’s hard not to notice how in many cultures the promotion of cults of violence, stength and mercilessness go hand in hand with sadism and gore crimes. Just one example of this is the Russian popular tv series about corrupted cops “Gluhar”, who abuse their power, beat up and torture criminals, or whoever they believe deserves it, and yet turn out to look like hero’s in peoples eyes. Here the borders between justice and sadism are blurred. There is a clear parralel between “eat or get eaten” mentality and extreme sadism and violence we can observe in such cultures. The effects of such beliefs are devastating. Not only are people TAUGHT to be desensitized by pain of others, they also learn to harm others as a means of surival and domination, which in their mind puts them out and above the danger zone – because everybody knows the best defense is attack.

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This reminds me of a horrible case, where the lack of any sort of morals or humanity has reached enormous proportions. This is the case of a young Ukranian girl, Oksana Makar, who has been raped by three young men, then strangled and put on fire – only to survive and suffer another week before dying from her fatal injuries. Her offenders were initially set free, because they were the kids of high post officials, but after the huge public response they were arrested and interrogated. What shocked me was of course the same response I have read in most of the comments – things like “that whore deserved it” or “she should’nt have gone home after drinking with three men, what was she thinking off” made me wana scream and tear my hair out with frustration. I could simply not believe that people were so heartless and cold and cruel. Anyone who belives that any type of prostitution or sexual behaviour or drinking is punishable by gangrape and murder is not any better then the murderers themselves.

Perhaps that explains why there is still so much horror in the world – if that’s what the majority of the population thinks, then we have not reached anywhere since the antiquity. The Oksana Makar case and the response to it also shows just HOW less the womans rights movement has achieved and how quick to judge and unenlightened the society is remaining. Not only are girls sexualized at an early age, thus prompting the sexual crimes agains them, they are also victims of double standards and scrutiny, carefully examined for any signs of “inappropriate behavior”, which can somehow lead to conclusion that it’s their own fault and that they should have known better. Not only does the society encourage girls to behave sexually and pleasing, it then also punishes them for it.

I stopped visiting the site of “People” magazine few years ago for the same exact reason – another series of angering comments to an article where a young girl has dissapeared leaving a bar at 3.00 am. Most of these comments claimed that it’s her own fault if she got murdered or raped, because a proper nice young lady wouldn’t have left the bar drunk at such time…… This left me speachless. Somehow it’s hard to believe that it’s ONLY internet trolls that are posting such responses, even though I would love to belive that.

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This brings me to yet another sad case, the famous Russian Pussy Riot group – a group of three girls, who have offended Russian church by making a public, provocative performance in the cathedral in Moscow. The reactions of the so-called christians were insane, they were ready to stone these poor girls, because they insulted the dignity of the church and god knows what. The ones who suppose to forgive and show mercy, are basically the ones who are ready to murder in Gods name. This is why I despise any religious fanaticism, clearly it serves it’s own ignorance and pride, rather then the humanity and the good. The girls got two years in jail, for such a lame “crime”. I was shocked to hear my own grandmother say how they are “sluts”, and how they are insultive and should be put away in jail for another incident, in which they were apparently having group sex in public. It was sad to hear so much hatered and anger in her voice, as if public group sex should be equalled to forever-offended-ego and disrespect of the highest proportions, only expiated by suffering itself and not just a simple unpleasant ew-and-embarrasing kind of thing/moment. She judged me for feeling sorry for them, because they didn’t deserve my mercy.

Another thing which is worth mentioning is popular belief that making someone guilty of something suffer would make them realize, understand, repent and become a better person. I’m not sure where such irrelevant, unlogical belief stems from, for I do not know one person who has become better from humiliation, violence and punishment. There are many jails in the world in which prisoners (2/3 of which are often addicts, poor people who had to do crime out of poverty or mentally ill) find themselves living in unberable, inhumane, horrifying conditions and statistics clearly show that prisoners do not become more civilized of filled with love towards humanity, when or if ever leaving those walls. I wonder if people who criticise “luxurious” or healthy living conditions in jails are filled with vengeance or are just simply as cold blooded and heartless as the murderers themselves.


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