Astrix – Just in Time

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X-Noize, Infected Mushroom, GMS, Alien Project, Astrix

Some of the best tracks of psytrance by various artists.  All the psytrance lovers will appreciate.

X-Noize – Let Yourself Go

Infected Mushroom – Infected Rock

Infected Mushroom – LSD

GMS feat Earthling – Psychedelic Circus

Sesto Sento -Sentomental

Alien Project – Midnight Sun (GMS Remix)

Astrix – Poison

Mycel -206 psytrain indigo unreleased

Dali – Colors band (astrix remix)

Astrix – Techno Windows GMS remix

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Deep, beautiful sound of my beloved Israeli Dj Astrix. Go ahead. FOLLOW ME!

I LOVE THIS TRACK!!!!! Astrix was, is and will be the nr.1 psytrance dj for me. Such amazing, inspiring music. So many years later, I can listen to his songs over and over again and never get tired of them.

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Infected Mushroom – Killing Joke Radiohead

Absolutely one of my favorite tracks of Infected Mushoom, dark, magnetic, enchanting, and soo calm. This reminds me of the rain, velvet nights, trafic and flashes of car lights on a road near by, moisture in the air, fog, mist, raindrops on the windows, long neverending hours of solitude, staring into the atmosphere in a state of a dream. Complete trancelation…

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