“Life in the Fast Lane” – Chapter 18

“Sweetie, there’s a call for you!” Susan yelled from the living room.

Did I just hear the word sweetie? “Sweetie” was something out of the ordinary, and something told me that her word choice was influenced by the presence of a male friend, who was paying her a visit.

Frowning with suspicion, I walked into the living room. Susan was sitting on a couch with a glass of red wine in her hand, looking like she was in an upbeat mood. And lo and behold! Was that a hint of a lipstick I could see on her thin lips? I hurried to pick up the phone, before she could notice the look her guest was giving me.

“I’ll call you back,” I murmured to Amy and hung up. I was on my way out of the living room, when Susan stopped me.

“Daria, sweetheart, I can assure you that I’ll run a telephone extension to your room soon, so that you can get some privacy,” she said affably.

I writhed in response to such hypocrisy. Does she really have to lie through her teeth just to impress her friend?

At least school was almost over. Nina told our nerdy gang (that had gathered in the middle of the school hallway) that she met someone during her recent trip to Kiev and that she was planning to move there. I was astounding and impressed by her courage, and ability to accomplish what Kaezar and I couldn’t.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” I asked.

“He’s a son of a priest,” Nina said.

We all exchanged glances. Getting married to a religious fanatic (whom she had known for a week) at the mere age of 19 seemed a little odd.

“By the way,” Nina said, turning towards me. “I was wondering if you would like to take over my cleaning job?”

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Writing in progress…

The immense amount of pain I have left from my past is undescribable. It just never seems to go away. In my short twenty four years I have lived an extraordinary life, full of strange, fateful events and circumstances. It feels like I lived many lifes. But the load I carry is heavy, it follows me around everywhere I go. So I decided to write a book about it. It will be like a confession, but it will definitely be entertaining too. My life had it all, tragedies, drama, mysteries, adventures, action, happiness, love and hate.. I will post an excerpt from it some time in the nearest future. Be prepared people, its gonna be hardcore!! lool

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