Writing in progress…

The immense amount of pain I have left from my past is undescribable. It just never seems to go away. In my short twenty four years I have lived an extraordinary life, full of strange, fateful events and circumstances. It feels like I lived many lifes. But the load I carry is heavy, it follows me around everywhere I go. So I decided to write a book about it. It will be like a confession, but it will definitely be entertaining too. My life had it all, tragedies, drama, mysteries, adventures, action, happiness, love and hate.. I will post an excerpt from it some time in the nearest future. Be prepared people, its gonna be hardcore!! lool

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A thin line between courage and madness

I’ve injured my foot on the weekend, and spent my entire Saturday at a hospitals waiting room. Luckily I’m okay, although I am limping like a Quasimodo lol. So while I bummed around on a couch, I stumbled upon some videos, which are as visually compelling as they are frightening. They got me thinking about […]

“You never know…” poem by Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky

Poetry, a sidelined art that is like music, emotive and touching, has always been my passion… Maybe because I’m a granddaughter of two poets, and poetry speaks to your very soul. I don’t mind spending my evenings translating poems that have touched my heart. Here is my attempt to translate a poem by a Russian […]

The Assault

Digital art by LordHayabusa357 “It gets Harder from Here on Out”¬†http://fav.me/d7bk6mw I think I might have talked too much about soldiers yesterday, cause I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was a part of an elite military unit. We were in a city paved with yellow cobblestone, the sort you might find somewhere […]