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"The world that we live in is an exhausting place to be. It is wearing. It is thankless. It is endlessly trying and scarcely rewarding. You’re tired simply because you live in it. You’re tired of loving too much, caring too much, giving too much to a world that never gives anything back. You are tired of investing in indefinite outcomes. You’re tired of uncertainties. Tired of grey."

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This is for those who suffer in silence, and scared to be judged, rejected or laughed at so they keep it all bottled up. Dont let anyone invalidate or minimize your pain! There are people out there who will tell you that "others have it worse", that "you should feel blessed", that "you are too sensitive", "life isnt fair", "get over it". I've been there in real life, in the most horrible moments of despair and loneliness, I've had so-called friends and boyfriends telling me exactly these things.. And I thought to myself, I have a choice: to stand strong on my own, and be proud of how I feel & who I am, or take my own life. I chose the first. No one can shame you into submission, no one has the right to tell you that their life is harder than yours. Your struggles are legitimate and real. Also, I realized that weak people with no compassion or emotionally abusive people have no place in my life. Just remember that there are others out there - like myself - who will support you, bild you up, reach out to you, and will accept you for who you are. Please reach out to me, anytime. I will do my best to offer solace and advice.
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This is where I live. This brass knuckle sculpture - or whatever you wanna call it - was made specifically for my social housing complex, and it illustrates what this area is all about beautifully.

I had a rather sad experience today. Because of the heatwave I've been trying to help the birds and hedgehogs by setting up dishes with water outside in the common yard, but some low life fucker person has been removing them on purpose each and every time. This is the epitome of social housing, and a perfect example of why communism doesn't work, and why people should own a property! Over here you are never truly in control of your environment. What's even more sad is that people here do all sort of shit: party non stop at any time of the day, outside and inside, shoot each other, and not too far back a gang member killed and dismembered a person in one of the appartements. And that OK, no one ever complains. But then I try to do a good deed and get death stares from some of the residents here...

Guys, seriously, I dont belong in these ghettos. I'm educated, I'm considerate, I have something to offer to the society FFS. Sadly, having BA in Arts& humanities doesn't pay well, or at all, and I just don't have the money/connections/rich daddy to buy me a property, nor do I have any opportunities right now to move up the social ladder. So I'm stuck here, wasting my life away. It just sucks so much to have so few options in life... I despair. :(

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And then after Ares, came Aragorn from Lord of the Rings... I spent my grade 9-12 years plastering his pictures on my wall and sketching his portraits. And I read the whole Tolkien trilogy, just to learn more about strider😊😊 yes, Im dedicated like that😁I love u once, I love u forever. But once I go, Im gone baby, gone.

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Guys, remember "Xena the Warrior princess" tv series from late 90s? Which of u guys used to watch it? I remember being totally obsessed with the kick-ass sword-yielding warrior Xena and her sexy lover/enemy: the immortal God of War Ares, who she used to fight & make out with endlessly. I could watch these two make out for days... they are so hot!

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When I was a teen I used to watch "Xena the warrior princess", it was one of my favourite series. And Ares the God of War, was, is and forever will be my favorite antagonist character of all times. I cant watch this man without feeling like Im trembling inside, like Im gonna pass out cuz Im hyperventilating and completely losing my mind.. rawr!!! Someone call a fire department cuz Im burning up. Lolz

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Be proud of what you have acomplished, not what was already given.

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Think about it. I hope this will make you see the potential and the options you have. You have a choice. You can choose differently.

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My favorite urban place is not some fancy restaurant or a club, but a large 20 km2 isolated nature reserve next to the sea front, overlooking a highway bridge and a industrial area of the other island. The evening walks here are magical, the spaciousness and emptiness is just what my soul needs..

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beautiful Kattegat!

The Kattegat, a bay between the Baltic and Northern Sea is a rather shallow area and can be very difficult and dangerous to navigate, due to the many sandy and stony reefs and tricky currents that often shift.

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"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway" - John Wayne

Daring to follow your dreams and your path that suits your personality, ambitions and individual needs rather following what is propdagandise by society or your social circle, is a key to happiness. Lets not exchange real happiness with peer pressure, vanity or fear. A road to freedom, success and self expression might not be a walk in the park, but it's worth it.


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Two weeks ago I found a cat in a forest. I was taking a long evening walk with my SO when this fellow ran out in front of me. He wouldn't leave us and followed us all the way to the parking lot. He was one the sweetest cats I have ever seen: so loving and playful. Something was clearly wrong: he was emanciated, had blood on his face, and he was staggering as he walked. It was obvious to me he was someones home cat, and I couldn't just leave him there to die. So we took him home, fed him, gave him some water and called a local animal shelter. It turned out he had an owner and he returned home safely! A happy ending for everyone involved :) here's a pic of him sitting in my rabbits carrier box, looking rather startled

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Italy badge is cool, cuz Im going there in September! So it seems Ive covered 782 km on foot in the last 6 something months. Thats roughly 4 km of walking every single day:) and if I kept on walking in one direction it would take me 27 years to walk around the world. Really puts things in perspective haha

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Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

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I used to hear people say," s/he is so sexy cuz of their confidence!" and I used to wonder what this elusive and highly undefined quality really meant. Arrogance? Self righteousness? Self love?? Never saw the appeal, never looked for this quality in a partner, but then again, Im a person constantly plagued by self doubt, (even though i can strike a power pose for a picture lol.) Then I saw this article https://goo.gl/oHrY7N and it all made sense. When people say they love your confidence what they really mean is that they love ur SUCCESS. And if u r like me, and have no social success, well, then u not gonna be very confident, and apparently not very attractive either. Lol. Such bullshit.

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Gym bunny 4eva. Nothing makes me feel more alive than feeling the burn.. its like📣 "go soldier, go, go, gooooo !‼" 😁

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when i get stressed i get a strange urge to do risky things, like going skydiving or speeding or testing other limits of safety. cuz if life gives u lemons - u rebel by drinking a whole gallon of citric acid, voluntarily. Yeah, take that! L o l. Anyways, this is a game changing video. if ur dealing with anxiety or stress, this will totally make u feel better. and it might just save ur life :) (and remember, its all in the mind! what u choose to believe in, is what shapes ur reality.)

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Knock knock, its me, ARE BEE VEE 😁

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This is the price of freedom, the price most people aren't willing to pay.

Many years ago I decided not to follow the convention, live my life as I fit. I said no to conforming, complying, pleasing people, no matter if its relatives, in laws or friends, no to 9 to 5 jobs, no to settling down and no to believing that having kids & getting married is the only acceptable option & point of life for a human, no to wearing what you have to wear cuz u hit that "its-time-to-act-ur-age" age. Or because the fashion dictates it. No to getting an Instagram and iPhone because everyone else has Instagram and iPhone. No to doing things for "likes".

And yes, I became jobless, alienated, criticized and shamed by every random person for not trying to follow the herd. I waged battles with family, neighbors, in laws, strangers lol u name it. Luckily Im the sort of person whos not scared to be on my own, and the peer pressure doesn't faze me.

Its no wonder so few people dare to step out of the "normality" zone. People who disobey the unwritten rules become ostracised, judged and abandoned by the majority. Still, I believe taking a stand and staying true to yourself is more important than winning everyones approval. Too many people live in denial, fear, regret. Too many live pretending. Its just not worth it. You have to fight for your happiness and your right to be authentic, and make ur own choices in life, no matter how much the others dissagree. Free choice is the only freedom we really have and yet so many give it away to fullfil expectations, thinking that it will earn them acceptance, admiration and love.

It won't.

When u cant be honest and true to yourself, everything else is just an illusion.

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Ahh time to unwind 😆